Compassion and Climate Action! - Elect Matleena Käppi for Parliament!

I am Matleena Käppi, a 27 year old member of the city council in Jyväskylä and county council in Central Finland, and I am now running for the Finnish parliament. My core values include equality, human rights and the respect for the environment. We cannot secure a better future for Finland if we cut funding from social and health services or education. Instead we must build on a better future by ensuring a more equal distribution of wealth, strong public services and being at the forefront of environmental action.
If I am elected, I will strive for equality in all decision making processes. For me, feminism means that those who are in the most vulnerable positions in society should be prioritized in decision making. I adhere to the principle whereby decisions should be made based on science-based information and humanitarian values. I believe that policymakers should consider future generations, animals and the environment in their decisions. We must start a just transition from a capitalist economy based on growth and overconsumption towards an ecologically sustainable economy.

I am a bachelor of natural sciences (ecology and evolutionary biology). I have also been employed at the University of Jyväskylä in various projects as an expert on sustainable development and doughnut economics. I come from a family of low-income entrepreneurs, making the welfare of small business owners a topic that’s close to me. I am also a musician and play wind instruments in the group Lempivärit.
If our values align, I hope you will support my journey to the parliament.

Regards, Matleena

I support:
Sustainable economy and a carbon neutral welfare society
Securing biodiversity
Human rights, equality, minority rights
A basic income that covers basic living costs
Proper funding for social and health services
Accessible mental health care
Supporting culture
Humanitarian immigration policies
Science-based decision making
The rights of future generations
Development cooperation and global justice
Animal rights

I oppose:
Hate speech, racism and discrimination
Disinformation and anti-intellectualism
Ecologically harmful corporate subsidies
Forced economical growth
Vast income and resource inequality
Short-sighted decision making
Detrimental budget cuts