Matleena Käppi - your candidate for the European parliament!

I am a 28-year-old sustainability expert and musician from Jyväskylä, Central Finland, and running for the European Parliament with the Left Alliance for the second time. I have six years of experience in local politics as a city councilor and county councilor. I am currently studying socio-ecological economics and politics in Vienna, Austria, and I want to do advocacy work internationally. In my opinion, all decision-making should be based on scientific knowledge and humane values.Vote for humanity and climate action in the European election!

My themes in a nutshell:

🔥 Environmental crisis and biodiversity loss must be faced together, based on scientific research.
🤑 Continuous economic growth must be questioned – a fair transition towards a sustainable degrowth economy is needed.
🌍 All decision-making must be based on planetary boundaries.

🕊️ Sustainable peace is built from human rights, equality and the rule of law.
🌊 Humane immigration policy – no more deaths in the Mediterranean!
🇵🇸 The EU must be a consistent defender of human rights.

🏚️ The EU must prevent tax evasion and tax competition that erodes states’ finances.
🤖 The risks of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and biotechnology, must be alleviated with sustainable regulation.
🧕🏽 Oppression of developing countries must end – we need investments in development cooperation!

🐷 Decision makers are responsible for ensuring ethical food production. The EU must stop funding animal suffering.
🐥 Welfare standards for farm animals must be raised.
👨🏻‍🌾 The transition towards sustainable plant-based food production must start now. The transition will be fair to the producers.

Do you agree with me? Vote me for the European Parliament with number 71! The election day is on Sunday 9th June. Don’t forget to recommend me to your friends, too!