The next parliamentary elections will be held in April 2019, and I’m
running as a Left Alliance candidate in Central Finland. To that end,
I am now asking for your help and support: you are welcome to join my
campaign team to support environmental values and human rights!

The perspectives highlighted in the latest IPCC report are alarming.
So far the measures to tackle climate change are clearly not enough:
emissions will have to be urgently reduced on a much larger scale if
we are to avoid the worst effects of a climate catastrophe. I intend
to push Finland towards more ambitious climate policies.

The current right-wing government has done considerable damage we now
need to repair. We have seen budget cuts detrimental to the poor and
the unemployed as well as sectors such as development aid and
education, and major societal reforms have been prepared with
unprecedented negligence and disregard for democracy. It is time turn
around this course of events.

As a candidate for the Finnish parliament, I will speak and act for
the environment, for equality and human rights. My campaign aims at
spelling out a constructive critique of economic growth as well as
means for furthering vegetarian culinary habits and the right of
refugees. The role of the economy is to serve the people’s well-being
while respecting the environment and seeing to the needs of the most
vulnerable in particular.

You have the opportunity to influence the future of Finland. Above and
beyond voting, you can help by joining the campaign team. There are
many ways to participate from brainstorming ideas, sharing your expert
views and giving personal support or help in practical matters to
baking, playing music, and campaigning on the streets! Do not hesitate
to contact me if you are motivated to work for this campaign in any

Thank you to everyone for all your support, help and encouragement so far!

-Matleena Käppi,
Candidate for the Finnish parliament 2019